My Quarter life CRISIS.

In about 2-3 weeks, I will have completed my post-graduation and will be steering myself into another chapter of life. It still feels like yesterday when I was accepted into University and although the diploma was only going to continue for a year, it occurred as a routine and something that had meaning. Fast forward to 2016 and here I am questioning what’s next?

No, I am not having any ‘crisis’ and I’m not typing this while drowning in a sea of tears. All is good. But then again, nothing seems like it. I guess this is that stage where you thought you would have achieved a lot but you’re no where closer to it. Remember when your 16 year old self would dream about having a life to look forward to by the time you were, say, 23 or 25? Well, now that I think of it, I’m only going back in reverse.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that we as kids have big goals and ambitions and when it’s time to put our dreams into reality, we kind of get lost. We suddenly question everything about ourselves and while most of us fight all odds, some aren’t able to cope. It’s not really about running from responsibilities but realizing you don’t have enough time. Not enough time to do everything you’ve wanted to.

The whole thought process behind a quarter life crisis makes sense to me now. Transitioning from being a teenager with serious hormonal issues to being a dysfunctional adult who has absolutely no idea what’s happening is difficult. I think the hardest thing about reaching a certain age is when people start expecting things out of you. Like hell. You start expecting things out of you. You want to have a meaningful life for yourself and you want to give something out to the world. Living in a world where people younger than you are doing unimaginable things, working towards their dreams, it strikes you hard. And THAT is a point of no return.

When I entered my 20s, I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride and I knew while things wouldn’t be easy, they would be achievable. I still hold on to that belief but somewhere down the line, I’ve realized, it’s way more harder than I had anticipated. You’re living your life but is it how you imagined? You wake up one day and suddenly you’re 23

If quarter life crisis wasn’t enough to bring down your energy levels, then being in an identity crisis would make matters even worse. The weirdest thing is figuring out what you’re really meant to do. Whether what you’re studying is the subject for you or the job you’re currently doing the right one for you? The doubts are endless.

When you realize, whatever decision you take right now will have serious repercussions on where you want to go and what you want to become in future, you change. You start to weigh every outcome like you have never before, your horizon on life undergoes a huge transition, you start accepting things the way they are and you become more careful. This is that phase where we really hustle. You know getting our shit together? It’s a different ball game.

I don’t know about you but I have days where I feel if I don’t do this now, I won’t be able to do it ever. And that is the single most frightening thing. To be unable to do things you want to. There is this constant pressure of accomplishing goals no matter how tiny. We keep saying I’ll do this when I grow up or I’ll take a 6 month vacation after college. Well, that time is here and most of it has gone. THIS IS CRUNCH TIME.

Your 20s is the most liberating yet confusing period of your life. Even though this is the phase where you will experience maximum upheavals emotionally, physically and psychologically, it is still worth every second. The uncertainty might get a little intimidating at first but learning to embrace it is winning half the battle.

So to everyone who’s having a hard time,

“Open your heart, mind and soul, and look forward to your future.Celebrate the little things life offers and stay humble with your achievements and successes. Spend more time on knowledge and memories and pay little to no attention on materialism. Be proud of how far you’ve come and know that you’re capable of nothing but the best.”


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