Just a diary thing.

There’s this weird excitement I can’t hold every time I come across diaries or journals even though I’ve never really bothered maintaining thoughts or words on paper. I’m not a paper-person when it comes to writing anything and I personally prefer a keyboard when I’m writing since it becomes easier for me to express. When I’m writing on paper things just seem so confusing and I end up brainstorming and scribbling and re-writing and then scribbling again. To cut a story short, I basically end up drawing which again I’m not very pro at. Keeping a personal diary is pretty old school yet the most efficient way of storing memories and ofcourse venting out the built-up stress and frustration. I don’t think I can maintain a PD; takes a lot of discipline to keep one. Its not like a rule of thumb to pen down everything in it everyday but then what’s the point of keeping it? I fancy individuals who jot down minutest details in their notebooks or journals or diaries. Too bad I’m not very good at this diary thing.

Are you a keyboard person like I am? Or do you prefer writing on paper?

4 responses to “Just a diary thing.”

  1. I’ve become a keyboard person and I think for the same reason you mentioned. But I do have one diary, not personal but has some of my creations in it.. poetry and all.. and you know whenever I read it, it feels so good but my blog posts give me the same pleasure as well. I don’t really know what the difference is.. maybe ease of cancelling a thought to match up our frisky mind. Like when I press backspace, it’s not a big deal but when I cut an entire line on paper, it keeps affecting me somewhere until I turn over.

  2. But then I always preferred a pen to the keyboard .. its nuthin to do with ur typing speed; but somewhere the creative juices seems to flow better when I put ink to paper. But den again we r da dinosaur gen ๐Ÿ˜‰

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