Change is inevitable. Change is constant. Well, things change, people change. Everything changes and as much as we dislike change, I feel change is necessary. How would you ever find out things about yourself outside of your comfort zone? It is only when one is forced to act in a different environment, a completely abnormal situation, one realizes one’s idiosyncrasy. . Here, I am not talking about catastrophic life changes that uproot people from their base but daily, simple, unnoticeable novelties that manage to bring to you to a point where everything suddenly seems offbeat. It can be anything ; a slight contrast in your normal routine, a whiff of change in the way you dress up, taking a different route to reach your office, flaunting an unusual hairstyle or even eating something or anything healthy for a change. Yes, it is highly imperative to bring about certain modifications in the way you function. This does not mean you act all crazy and make everyone’s life hell just because you need change in your life. Change is a very broad term which should be understood. If for some reason, the change brought in by you does not suit you, CHANGE IT. Go back to your normal routine and figure out what went wrong. Remember, you are in control of what you do. Undoing it, also, is in your hands. 

Sometimes I feel innovation is synonymous to Change in the sense that change is related to trying out unaccustomed, state-of-the-art, unfamiliar things that result in a distinct you and ultimately a conversion of your thoughts. Innovation, on the other hand, basically means alteration, modernization or bringing about newness in everything you do. All in all, change and innovation are complimentary to each other. 

Now that we’re talking about change, I feel there is an urgent need for me to change to a new, better, less detailed blog. I have been trying to make myself a tumblr from quite some time now and I haven’t been able to get the hang of it. Also, I came across certain podcasts( A blog talking about who a podcaster is and what it is about will be up soon) and surprisingly i’m fascinated by the idea of it. (Just for a change, i’ll try to be more regular around here and keep you guys updated with what’s happening). Later. 


One response to “Transition”

  1. Can’t agree more. At first, I thought why the title ‘Transition’? But yes, it’s never change, it’s always transition if we accept it in the right way. I liked your post. 🙂

    And you know I have just recently started eating healthy 😛 and I’m enjoying it.

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