Wake up, people. Its Friday!

Morning, everyone. Firstly, TGIF . All those people who’ve been planning on partying this whole weekend and also those who have also been planning to get their much needed sleep, hope you get to enjoy your idea of a weekend. Whatever, have fun. I woke up this morning before my alarm could ring and I wasn’t really glad to realize that I still had some time to sleep which is considering how particular I am about sleeping, very abnormal. Nevertheless, college is starting from today after the tiny break ( oh, my alarm just went off) . I think I’m a little excited about college or maybe its the thought of not staying at home which is comforting. Anyways, now that I’ve got my cell phone back after a decade its relatively easier for me to constantly update my blog no matter which part of the city I am. Smartphones, blessing in disguise. The other way round, too. Since my smartphone didn’t turn out to be that smart. . I should be off now cause’ the last thing I want would be not getting attendance. They say,’Time flies when you’re having fun.’ Applies here. Looking forward to reading and writing! Good day!

2 responses to “Wake up, people. Its Friday!”

  1. I’m kind of fortunate in that I rarely know what day it is. And NO it’s not because I’m getting Alz. It’s just that life is one great big school house, and I never leave to go home.

    In other words, happy Friday to you. 🙂

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